Track and observe your days.

Monitoring and understanding yourself day-to-day and week-to-week makes a big difference in self-care and self-understanding toward overall wellness and healthier living. Watching eating and exercise patterns, how these relate to mood, and how these are all interrelated with sleep patterns can be largely helpful in getting you closer to your goal, treating your body with kindness, and putting you more in charge of your own health.

It is essential to pay attention to how sleep, other habits, and changes in mood impact your ability to stay on track, your self-care, and whether you are engaging in positive or negative behavior or experiencing positive or negative ideation.

Track these things every day:

Foods eaten at each meal: note whether clean foods, and mood while eating… was this a planned eat? Were you actually hungry? Were you feeling emotional?

Exercise: Did you exercise today? What did you do? If not, why (was it a planned rest day, or did you choose not to?)

Sleep: How many hours of sleep last night? Restful? Waking up in the night? Hard time falling asleep? Things on your mind?

Mood: What was your general mood today? Did it changed based on any situations? Did you wake up in a good or bad mood? How is your mood at sleep time?

Energy: What was your energy like today? Better or worse than usual?

Tracking these items requires only a small amount of work each day. Don’t get down on yourself about whether this was a good or bad day, or whether you were off track. We all have bad days!! Use this as a tool to learn yourself. Learn what leads to better sleep, better moods, and more energy. Sometimes no matter what you will have a bad day. Even so, the more you learn about your mood and behavior patterns the more successful you can be. You can learn to treat yourself better on the bad days by knowing what will make each day better, or the next day stronger!

Find a notebook or piece of paper and just start tracking! This does not have to be time consuming or difficult!


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