The power of possibility.

The world is full of possibilities, yet we often are bogged down in our routine, fear of change, overwhelm, personal putdowns, and an “I can’t” attitude. The “I can’t” attitude is one to be changed immediately… when you find yourself saying “I can’t” it is a signal to challenge yourself to think of why or how “you can!”

The things you do in life are limited only by your thoughts. Many things you think are “impossible” can be accomplished with drive, determination, planning, lifestyle change, or even modification of the plan, baby-steps, etc. When you can see the multitude of possibilities life has to offer, and believe you can accomplish your dreams, you will have the ability to grow as a person, change, and become anything you desire!

To begin thinking and seeing in small ways that change is possible, and the power of change and getting out of your routine to promote positive psychology… try this…

Make a list of 10 things you do in an average day. Now, take each thing and write down an alternate choice. Start small… maybe you always take the same way to work, try a different route. You always buy the same coffee, try a different brand. Choose tea versus coffee. You always have the same ice cream treat, try something different. Get out of bed on the other side. Switch the order in which you perform your morning or nightly routine… and so on.

We perform many mindless tasks in a day. We can get stuck on simple routines and even changing them a bit causes anxiety. When you can see that small changes don’t cause problems or make bad things happen, and maybe even increase your positive feelings, you will be more open to bigger change.

Consider the world of possibilities, start small, push past your anxieties, and create positive change! Simply believing in possibilities can have a largely positive impact on personal wellbeing. Allow your mind to begin thinking differently!

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