Live Fit Trainer.

Since I am injured and less able to do much cardio at all right now, I started the Live Fit Trainer again this week to boost muscle. I am modifying for my injury, but a great time to add some more strength! I always love coming back to this routine. And there are many more out there to build strength!


I used this 12 week plan when I began adding weights to my exercise regimen, and it truly changed my life! I changed my shape dramatically, and it was adding weight training that made me love the way my body looked while losing weight… versus previously not being happy at any size.

This is a free program by Jamie Eason on There are tons of workout plans to try out for free on this site, for men and women, for beginners and those who have been working out for a while. Don’t be afraid of the bodybuilding name!

I have done the Live Fit Trainer multiple times now, and am currently changing it up a bit into a lighter weight, circuit type program for myself…

Don’t be afraid of the weights! It will change your life – and body – for the better!


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