Post baby workout motivation.

A few months after my second child, and after naturally losing my first 25 pounds since the birth (I weighed 250 the day he was born – after he came out!), I knew I was not going to lose any more without changing up my lifestyle. In fact, I was at risk to gain, as I had done after my first was born. All of the hospital stays the first time around led me to eating terrible foods and being completely sedentary – and depressed. With more unexpected hospital stays looming, and the daunting idea of having another child with chronic illness – something we were told would never happen! – I knew I needed a change.

I started slowly, worked through my mental motivation, forced a positive change in my extremely negative self-talk, and told myself I would take it slow. I was coping with a tremendous amount of stress and was already obese, so I was not going to worry about how quickly it came off – I had much more important things to worry about than my size! But, that size and my lifestyle were making that stressful life of mine much more stressful. I focused on movement and eating better more for my mental health and being a good mom than anything else. Today exercise is still the thing that keeps me mentally sane – and without it I notice a quick change in my mental health.

Stress is real, no matter what it comes from, and it can take us over quicker and in more ways than we often realize. Parenthood is stressful, anyone who says it is not is not being honest. It is a change in lifestyle, a loss of independence, a change in identity, and a huge responsibility to care for that little being.

Here is some more motivating speak from a mom who found her post-baby workout motivation, posted by POPSUGAR!

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