Comparing yourself to others is another way to incite negativity into your life.

  • Make a list of the qualities you use to compare yourself to others… be honest. Is it attractiveness, wealth, strength, intelligence, generosity, balance, desirability, capability, superiority, accomplishment?
  • Look at your list. Are these the qualities you are insecure about in your own life?
  • Make a list of things you have worked hard to accomplish over time, thinking it would lead to lasting happiness. Are you still satisfied with this? Does this still make you happy? Do you still find yourself comparing to someone else and wishing for more?

We often live in misery thinking we would feel so much better if we could just be like this person, or have this thing, or once you have this accomplishment. The truth often is, however, once we become content and adjusted to that thing, our minds begin thinking there is something more in the future that will lead to even greater happiness. Or, we finally achieve that thing we worked so hard for, and we remain unhappy.

It can be a positive drive to continue to push yourself toward newer or better things, or it can lead to chronic disappointment, because you never really reach a goal. No matter what you accomplish, you may always be comparing yourself to someone else or thinking something more will bring you greater happiness. This impacts the way you see yourself, your relationships, your accomplishments, and your overall wellness.

Learn to better understand yourself, your wants, and your desires. Clarify your values, and begin to challenge your thinking when you find yourself unhappy with a comparison or where you are at in life. Chances are, you have worked hard to achieve something, felt happy or content for a while, and then found yourself again longing for more. Strive to find happiness or contentment where you are, and then work toward those goals with patience and from a perspective true to who you are!



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