Morning positivity.

Mornings are a great chance to begin the day with a positive mindset and reset any negativity from the day before. We often think if we wake up and tell ourselves everything bad we think about our bodies or feel bad about what we did the day before, this will give us the motivation to be better today…

“I hate the way I look, I will never lose weight, I messed up my weekend, I hate myself for eating too much yesterday, and on and on… today is going to be a better day. I’ll be on track today.”

The problem is, when life sets in and stress overwhelms, you will treat yourself with the disrespect you spoke to yourself with that morning.

Take a few minutes every morning to engage in positive thought…

“I know I wasn’t on track yesterday, but today is going to be a good day. I can do this. I will be patient. I cannot be perfect every day, but I am going to keep working toward this goal. I have a plan for when I get stressed, and today I am going to follow it. I can do this!”

This positive attitude will make it much more likely you will stay on track today, regardless of what stressors come your way. A few minutes of positivity every morning can go a very long way toward personal success!

Consider waking up and reading or writing in a positivity journal or reading a positive passage!

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