Bad habits.

Based on our multiple thoughts each day, we make hundreds of choices that impact our wellbeing. Some of these thoughts are made with impulse or based on negativity, against our true values and desires, or to please or go along with someone else versus what we want or need.

The first step to change the bad choices we are making is to recognize we are making them…

Bad Habits Inventory: Rate 0 (never) – 4 (very often)

From The Mindfulness Solution, by Ronald D. Siegel, Psy.D.

  1. Eat more than you need
  2. Eat unhealthy food
  3. Drink too much alcohol
  4. Drink at inappropriate times
  5. Use too much of another intoxicant
  6. Use another intoxicant at inappropriate times
  7. Smoke cigarettes or use tobacco
  8. Go to sleep too late
  9. Spend too much time surfing the internet
  10. Spend too much time watching TV
  11. Bite nails, scratch or pick at skin, pull out hairs, or another nervous habit
  12. Multitask when driving (dialing cell phone, combing hair, etc.)
  13. Work too much
  14. Put off doing work
  15. Put off doing chores
  16. Exercise too much
  17. Put off exercising
  18. Buy things you really don’t need
  19. Gamble excessively
  20. Flirt excessively
  21. Engage in inappropriate sexual relations
  22. Tell little white lies
  23. Tell more substantial lies
  24. Exaggerate a story to entertain or impress
  25. Exaggerate a business or tax expense
  26. Act grumpy or unkind to people who don’t deserve it
  27. Engage in a troublesome habit not listed above
  28. Engage in another troublesome habit not listed above

Again assess, or remind yourself of, your personal values… found here.

Now, begin to think of where you can replace bad habits with behaviors that improve the personal values you want to enhance. The more you live without bad habits and within your personal value system, the healthier you will feel. This will enhance overall wellbeing and help you achieve your goals!

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