Mindful eating.

Getting your eating under control is a difficult task. Everywhere we go there are treats, snacks, and easy-to-choose-but-not-so-healthy foods. We develop cravings for sweet and salty snacks, unhealthy beverages, and greasy meals. The more rushed we are in our days, the more overwhelmed and stressed, and the more pressed for time, the more likely to make poor food and drink choices for our bodies.

It is a must for us to slow down! No matter how hungry, there is time to spend a few minutes to think about making a healthier choice. When it is not time to eat, take a few minutes to monitor whether you are actually hungry or eating to cope with some emotion.

Being prepared is a huge help when it comes to mindful eating. Having healthy choices available is a must. I keep healthy snacks in my purse, car, home, and office. Food preparation at the beginning of the week is ideal, but there are certainly times you just won’t find the time. Healthy and convenient options are a must, know where you can get healthy options on the go.

When it comes time to eat, again, slow down! Stop what you are doing and focus on the meal. Without this focus, you are at risk for eating your meal and basically forgetting you just ate. Take the time to pay attention to the way the food tastes, the way it fills you up, and the positive sensation of enjoying your meal. The more slowly you eat, the more likely to get filled up on adequate portions.

Indulging in treats/cheats is the most important time to be mindful. I cannot count how many times I have wolfed down huge amounts of incredibly unhealthy food and barely noticed what just happened. It was essential for my weight loss to (1) have a daily treat, and (2) take time out of my day to sit down and savor that treat – all of my attention focused on the taste, texture, and enjoyment of what I was eating!

Move through your day with more thought, less impulse, and greater focus. When feeling frazzled or out-of-control, make it a habit to slow down and think before you act. Know what healthy, clean foods look like, and choose such foods the majority of the time. When options are limited, think of eating just enough to get yourself to the next meal, or to a healthier option. When it comes time to indulge, do so and treat that moment like the best part of your day!

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