Positivity journal.

Journaling can be a hard habit to get into, and when we try, it can be hard to know what to write. Journals have a tendency to fill up with rants and complaints. This is therapeutic to an extent, but can also become a perpetuation of negative ideation. Some people can vent through writing and let it go, but some stew on the negativity, and now they have a product of proof for a life to be angry about.

A positivity journal is nice because it creates a product to look back on a bad day and remind yourself life is not always so bad. Oftentimes nothing in our lives has changed except our mood, but it is hard to see that when your mood is low. And, moods change frequently and depending on any number of situations in a day. It is important to remind ourselves that sometimes it is just our mood – tomorrow, or next week, will be a better day.

Thoughts for a positivity journal…

  • Write one positive thing that happened to you or you witnessed today.
    • This can be very hard for some people, especially those with depression. Even if you can’t think of anything good that happened to you – notice good elsewhere. Write about the little child laughing that made you smile. Or the couple holding hands and in love.
  • Create something positive by doing something nice for someone else, and write about it.
  • If you struggle with a particular situation or person, such as your job or your partner, write something good about them or it every day.
    • If you feel your job is thankless, strive to do something small to make it better today, and write about that.
    • If you partner is not positive toward you, you do something positive for them, and write about that.


Remember, small changes in our attitude – or small changes in the way we approach other people or situations – sets off a positive chain reaction. This will make you feel more positive and act with more energy and positivity, and it may make those around you be more positive toward you. All of this provides the energy to stay on task and reach your goals.

Writing these things down is important, so when bad days come and nothing feels good – and bad days will come!you can look back and remember the good. Remember the good days with your partner, how much you love him or her, the good days at work, or the good in other people.

Fifty things can go right in a day, and you could be having a terrific day; but one bad thing can spiral you into a mood so low you cannot remember anything good. Keep a journal to bring you back, hold you steady, and remind you good is there and will come again.


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