I’m too tired!

We all have excuses when it comes to healthy behaviors. When you feel tired or stressed, it seems easier to engage in those negative behaviors. All of the sudden healthy behaviors appear too time consuming and fatiguing. But, in the long run those negative behaviors create a negative cycle – making you more tired and more stressed.

When you feel too tired…

If you truly feel exhausted all of the time, see your doctor to rule out medical reasons for your fatigue. If there is a medical reason, your doctor can help you.

Remember: Bad food and little movement create fatigue!

It’s a vicious cycle – the lack of exercise makes you more tired, the more tired you are, the less motivated you are to exercise. Exercise is a stimulant, so you’ll have more energy with even a little exercise.

Fuel your body with healthy food, this provides energy!

If you are completely sedentary right now or are feeling tired, don’t assume you have to exercise an hour or more a day.

  • Give yourself permission to do just 10-20 minutes of light exercise, such as a walk. Reenergize your body and get better sleep with even a little bit of movement.

In addition to having more energy, there are several other benefits of exercise, some of which you can’t get with a healthy diet alone.

  • These include: Stress management, Better heart health, Blood sugar control, Better sleep, Improved mood (managing hormones), Increased bone density, and Improved chance of living a longer life.


When feeling stressed, fatigued, or overwhelmed, take some time to slow down and think before you act. Create reminders for positive behavior. Sit down for a minute and focus before making the decision on what to eat, what to drink, whether to exercise, etc. Allow yourself some time and patience, be mindful throughout the day, and you may find it easier to make those healthier choices – choices that will increase your energy and reduce that fatigue!!


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