What to do when you sit all day!

I absolutely know the horror of sitting all day for my job! I had an instant weight gain when I started in private practice, and the busier my days the harder it is to get in any movement. I have to work extra hard to stay fit with sitting 8-9 hours a day!

Some tips I use… I was given the amazing gift of a standup desk! I have a note on my laptop to remind myself to stand any time I am using it – so when I have a patient cancel or no-show for the hour I am up! There are numerous options for standup desks or workspace options, some not too pricey. Before I had this I put a box on my desk with my laptop on top and worked standing this way – it worked just fine! I have an elliptical under my desk, only $80 and worth it…


There are multiple options for under the desk exercisers. I can use this while seated, or I use it while standing at my desk and typing or dictating! I hydrate all day, and keep healthy snacks in my desk and office fridge so I have no excuses if I forget to pack my meals. I am up and moving as much as I can. I do squats, lunges, abs, and any other exercises between patients. I keep exercise bands in my desk!

Here are some more tips for what to do if you sit all day for your job from Shape magazine…


Get up and move as much as you can, and think of before or after work exercise for sure! Moving as much as you can in the day is the best for good health, so if you sit for your job remind yourself you have to work extra hard for those results!


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