Reduce stress and create change.

Stress is overwhelming. We can get so caught up in all that feels stressful we cannot see a way out. Little changes can make a big difference in reducing stress, and opening up the space for change at the same time.

Here are some ideas to reduce stress and at the same time create change toward meeting your goals…

Slow your life down! It can be easy to think of things in life as an emergency, or even as a necessity, when in fact it may not be. Not everything must be done today, and not everything must be rushed. While it is not great to be late to everything, rushing to get there will only increase your anxiety, worsen your mood, and increase stress. Decide to drive the speed limit, remind yourself you will get there when you get there, call to let someone know you will be late, and next time leave earlier!

  • Give yourself extra time to complete your daily tasks. Do not schedule appointments too close together, schedule one appointment each day, leave sooner, pre-plan, etc.
  • Slow down your pace. Slow down your eating, driving, shopping, chores, anything you do in a day!
    • Make time to slow down and enjoy dedicated time with your partner, children, family, or friends. Set aside quality, planned out time to be able to focus and enjoy these moments with less stress.
  • Get up 20 minutes early – this could be a perfect time just to find some alone time! Set aside personal time every day, whenever you can fit it in – make the time – to relax, read, do something for yourself. Just 20 minutes with no distractions can make a difference in stress and quality of life.

Compartmentalize your time. Avoid trying to multitask. Put all of your attention into one task at a time, and you will be more focused, more efficient, and less stressed while completing each task.

  • Avoid taking work home with you. Avoid answering work emails in the evening or personal emails during the workday. Try not to deal with personal matters while working.
  • When spending time with the kids, try not to think about work or your to-do list.
  • Be present – in whatever you are doing! It will be more enjoyable for everyone, and less stressful and less effortful for you!

Be flexible! Do not strive for perfectionism, which will only increase stress and anxiety. Don’t do things the same way every time, change up your routine, let loose, do something fun, take a risk, do something unlike you! Life should have some fun! Relax!

Experiencing less stress will create the space to think about things before you do them, act with less impulse, and react more calmly and mindfully. It will create the space to feel relaxed enough to change!

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