Prevent injury.

Proper training is essential. This is particularly true when working to reach a fitness or weight loss goal. Injury will keep you away from reaching that goal as quickly as you would like and potentially give you an excuse to give up… and suffer in the meantime! ūüė¶

With weight loss often comes all-or-nothing thinking, which is¬†a type of thought process that can lead to injury – and keep you away from your goals during injury. Remember moderation is essential, and rest is just as important to training as the workouts themselves. When you are in need of a rest day, rest! If something doesn’t feel right, modify… or rest! And focus on good sleep overall!

Check out these tips for injury prevention (and a good well-rounded workout regime/lifestyle) from…

And if you are injured, remember to take care of yourself! Practice self-care and stay focused on that goal. Again, avoid that all-or-none thinking… being injured¬†does not mean you give up completely¬†on that goal. Modify the goal if necessary, create a different or smaller goal, modify your workout regimen or¬†diet plan, and stay on track! Staying on track as best as possible, still making healthy choices, will improve your confidence, self-perception, and sense of personal effectiveness!

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