Body image after pregnancy.

Pregnancy is an incredible miracle, and having a baby such a joy. Yet, it is also a time for mommies to deal with changing bodies, worry of whether they will get their bodies back, and really giving up your body for the process of growing and nourishing that little bundle of joy! The important thing to remember, though, is it is temporary – after baby and after nursing (if you choose to, or are able to, nurse) you will again have the ability to take control of your body and your wellness. You can get your body back, and in fact, working on getting your body back will help you with ongoing mental health after pregnancy, parenting, and overall wellness. If you are like me, you will love your body even more post baby/babies!

Enjoy this read from Apple News about loving your body after childbirth…

How To Love Your Body Again After Childbirth – Working Mother

And remember to continue to love and nourish your body while pregnant, it will help with overall wellness, psychological wellbeing, and eventually getting that body back after baby is born. Healthy behaviors and routine now will help everything later!

Your growing body now is an amazing thing, helping to grow that baby inside… embrace it!



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