Bedtime snack.

Eating large amounts or unhealthy foods right at bedtime can pose concern for sleep and your waist line. But, going to bed hungry can also impact sleep negatively, make you feel worse overall, and lead to binge-eating tomorrow. Go ahead and have a healthy snack if you are truly hungry. I prefer a high protein option pre-bedtime.

My go-to bedtime snack is 5 egg whites (I use eggs and throw the yolk) cooked with some olive oil and Tony’s creole seasoning. Sometimes I sauté some red, yellow, or orange peppers in some olive oil and add the egg whites. Yum!

Check out more healthy bedtime snack ideas from Women’s Health magazine

Eat smart!! And definitely eat when truly hungry. An extra 100-200 calories can go a long way toward making you feel and sleep better, and be more successful for the long-term!


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