Confidence in your plan and your ability.

Finding the confidence to know you can accomplish a goal can be difficult. This may stem from low self-esteem, having tried without succeeding in the past, lack of knowledge base, or feeling there are too many roadblocks in your way. You may begin to perceive the process as too hard, too time-consuming, and too doomed-for-failure to ever succeed, and then simply give up.

Some common thoughts…

  • I will never have the time to do this on my own.
  • I cannot do this, it’s too hard.
  • I don’t know how to do this.
  • I hate myself when things aren’t perfect, when I’m not right on plan, I cannot manage this.

Finding a trainer, using online tools, signing up for a weight loss program, or enlisting help in learning about diet and exercise are hugely helpful in learning to do this process correctly. Such tools can help you learn how to even begin losing weight, learn about proper diet and exercise, and give you the motivation to get going and keep going. Even with all of this knowledge and extra push, it comes down to your behavior, your confidence in your ability to reach this goal, and your determination to keep going until you succeed. The process will be difficult. You have to trust in the process, trust in yourself, trust that the time it takes will be worth it, and be patient along the way.

Gathering the tools learned through hiring help or reading or researching for help is just one step in this process. Allow this newfound knowledge to provide you the confidence to know you can do this! Using these tools in your life is about you finding the confidence to do this on your own. Experiment to find something not too hard, not too time consuming, and something you feel you can do in your daily life.

A feeling of need to depend on a paid weight loss program, or pay a trainer, or spend more money for exercise equipment or certain foods is only providing you an excuse when you fail: it was too hard, too time-consuming, too expensive, ended too quickly… rather than using it to learn how to do this on your own. Even if you have the money to pay someone to help get you started, eventually you need to trust that you can take those skills and do this on your own. If you can afford a trainer and the extra help forever, that is terrific for you and well worth the cost – but do not let cost be a barrier to you losing weight or an excuse to why you cannot. Have the confidence to know you can do this without any excuses!

  • A successful plan is one you derive yourself, which means you made the rules, which means you know you can follow them.
  • If you can come up with the idea for what you should be doing, you will be far more effective in sticking with it, and this will lead to the best success with weight loss.
  • In order to be successful for life, YOU need to take charge.

Successful, sustainable weight loss is a skill; and a skill can be learned – this is why you spend the time learning, and seeking help where needed. Then it is up to you to take that knowledge you’ve learned and put it to use in your personal life!

You’ve got this!


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