Get healthy for cheap.

Many people think it is too expensive to eat healthy, however clean eating truly does not have to be expensive. Of course, certain diet plans are expensive, and some call for expensive foods, but there is plenty of information on the web related to clean eating and how to do so on a budget.

I am cheap when it comes to clean eating. I stick to frozen meats, vegetables, berries and not easily perishable grains, so when I am not on track I am not wasting food. I also don’t love chopping veggies, so frozen works well for me!

Things to think on…

  • Packing lunches will typically always be cheaper than eating out. And packing meals and snacks is better for your waist line because you will be eating throughout the day.
    • That also means less desire to spend on junk food later.
  • Bringing a snack is much cheaper than buying something at the vending machine every day.
  • Look online for clean food lists and keep it simple. A chicken breast, serving of frozen broccoli, and serving of brown rice  – all put together in individual containers for ease with some seasoning, and you have cheap meals for the week.
  • Make a meal list, to create your shopping list, and do not buy extras. Stick to the list so you aren’t wasting food. And don’t shop hungry!
  • Use free online meal plans and trackers like or myfitnesspal, whichever works for you!
  • Take advantage of bulk stores. Join with a friend or family member to split the cost, or ask a friend with a membership to take you to try it out. This is where I buy all of my frozen goods, eggs, milk, yogurt, and coffee!
  • Remember there are plenty of at home exercises, free YouTube videos to check out, and even think of renting exercise DVD videos at the library for free.
    • Or just go for a walk. At the mall, the gym, outside, or some indoor or outdoor stairs! Just walk around your house or a small flight of stairs at home! No excuses!

Remember this…

  • It also costs money to remain unhealthy.
    • Days off work, doctor visits, medications for blood pressure or other health conditions.

Take some time to plan some simple, cheap meals for the week. Look to what you already have in your cupboards, fridge, and freezer and plan from there!



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