Romantic Relationships.

Valentine’s Day was yesterday, often a time when we are certain to pay attention to our partners in life. A day to be more thoughtful, plan a date, spend some quality time, relax, and just enjoy each other – hopefully! This is terrific, but it should not just come around once a year or for special occasions. Daily and weekly positive communication, thoughtfulness, compliments, time together, dates, etc. are hugely important to relationship health. And the health of your relationship is hugely important to your personal health!

Here are some tips from Experience Life magazine on The 6 Best Gifts you can Give your Partner. These are non-tangible gifts, but gifts of time, communication, thought, appreciation, etc… the most important kind of gifts!

Consider the health of your relationship and how this may be impacting your own wellbeing and living the life you want. Take the initiative and give the gift of yourself! Increasing positivity and togetherness in a relationship provides a major boost in quality of the relationship.

If you find yourself holding onto old resentments, or can’t break through years of negativity, read some self help (ideas in the article above) or consider counseling. Your romantic relationship is one of the most important things in your life, so give it the time it deserves!


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