Getting Rid of Excuses.

We all have excuses when it comes to meeting goals. Sometimes any of us may be prone to more excuses based on whatever we have going on in life. Whether off track, never got started, or just having a bad day. Here are some tips to get rid of those excuses.

Write these down…

  1. Set a goal and prioritize it.
  2. List all the excuses for why you have not, or cannot, accomplish this goal.
  3. Think… what are realistic ways to get over each obstacle listed above?
  4. Create a specific plan for how you will accomplish this goal, getting around the obstacles you listed above.
  5. Now, list the barriers that could get in the way of your plan.
  6. How will you overcome them?


  • Stop acting as if the world is out to get you, as if the world is trying to stop you from meeting your goals.
  • Change your negative thinking into positive thoughts. Example: How can I make this work… versus… this will never work…
  • Set priorities: Stop wasting time with negative thinking and with things that are not as important to your life. Make you and accomplishing your goal a priority. Break your goal into several smaller steps, like a to-do list, and tackle it day by day.
  • Question your priorities. If deciding to change a habit does not work within three or four weeks of honest trials, ask yourself what interfered. Sometimes it takes many failed trials to reach a pattern that works because you may run into unexpected obstaclesgood, valid reasons for the old habit that must be understood and accepted in order to make the change.
  • Ask yourself why you are making the change. If you are not doing it for yourself but to please someone else, it may not lead to benefits. Consider why YOU want this change.
  • Admit and learn from your mistakes and from those of others. Don’t let errors hold you back. Sometimes we are harder on ourselves than anybody else is on us. Give yourself the flexibility to make mistakes, because much of life is trial and error, and you need to know how to forgive yourself.
  • Get out of the trap of blaming your lost years, and make a plan for how you will succeed from this point forward.
  • Don’t say “I’m too out of shape and overweight.” Make a plan to start making small, realistic changes.


No excuses! Start small and get going!


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    Considering and planning for excuses and barriers can be key to achieving your goals. As you continue with this process, take time to periodically re-assess what is getting in the way. Here is an old post to help you combat those excuses!


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