Super Bowl.

The reality of life is there will always be events that come with food and alcohol. A life of complete deprivation does not sound appealing, and you can achieve lasting weight loss with eating off plan here and there. A healthy lifestyle is about being able to enjoy events such as the Super Bowl without feeling guilt related to eating “unhealthy” foods or using alcohol. Choose to have a day completely off schedule (knowing this is one out of many days on schedule!), or find some middle-ground with healthier alternatives to your usual “unhealthy” favorites. I like to think I am on track the majority of the time, so I don’t have to feel guilty about indulging when the occasional event comes up (or when I just decide to have an off day, or meal, because it’s a part of my lifestyle)!

When considering eating outside of your preferred weight loss nutrition plan, consider this:

    • A caloric deficit of 3500 calories over the course of a 7-day week will lead to a 1-pound weight loss (this is calories eaten versus calories burned in a day).
    • If, on average, you burn 1800 calories a day just by being alive (basal metabolic rate, which varies person to person) – if you eat 1300 calories each day you would lose 1 pound each week.
      • 500 calorie deficit per day for 7 days = 3500 calorie deficit per week.
    • Add in any activity, whether housecleaning, walking from the parking lot, activity during the work day, or actual planned exercise, and you are adding to the amount of calories you burn each day (that 1800 may now become 2100 or higher, and that weekly deficit just got higher).
    • Hopefully this helps you see you can be more lenient on calories in each day, striving for a range of say 1300-1500 calories – or even higher depending on how active you are.
  • And never strive to achieve more than a 1000 calorie deficit each day. If you are this active, eat more!
  • Think of this calorie deficit in terms of the ENTIRE WEEK versus each day. While it will help to be on track most days, one day off track will even out during the week.


So on days like today…

  • Go ahead and indulge, but don’t skip that workout!
    • Or, challenge a friend (or yourself) to some mini workout challenges during the game!
    • Even a short 10-15 minute circuit at some point today is better than nothing!
  • Plan during the week for upcoming events by knowing you are on track with diet and exercise.
    • This way that day off on the weekend won’t provide such a big hit to your weekly calorie deficit.
      • At worst, maybe you maintain this week and get back to losing weight next week!
    • Make event day a rest day from exercise!
  • In general, strive for ½ pound to 1 pound weight loss per week (no more than 2 pounds per week).
    • This is more realistic, more easily achieved, you’ll feel less deprived, and you’ll look and feel better as the weight comes off.
    • And, it is an easier lifestyle to be maintained for life!

Follow these tips and consider this psychology, and you can choose to not feel guilty on days like today!

Life is also about having fun, so have fun! And be safe!



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