Daily Commitment…

Journal this… What do I need to do today and every day to achieve my goals?

  1. What time do I need to wake up each day?
  2. What foods do I need to prepare the night before?
  3. Will I need specific days to prep heathy foods?
    • What will these days be?
  4. What days and times do I need to grocery shop?
      • How will I make my shopping list?
      • Will I shop alone?


    • How will I ensure someone else buys what I need if I am not the one shopping?
  5. What days and times do I need to exercise?
    • How will I develop my workout plan?
  6. What friends do I need to let out of my life and who do I need to begin to surround myself with?
      • Who is a positive influence in my life?
      • Who is a negative influence in my life?


    • Be honest… spouse? Kids? Friends? Co-workers? Etc.

Having a specific and detailed plan will keep you better on track. Really take the time to think about what you need to do to create change, make this lifestyle happen, and reach your goals. Whether you journal, write notes, or sit and think… take the time! Use this to plan for your upcoming change, monitor your needs over time, and consider and create your daily routine.


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