Favorite Food Swaps!

One of the best things I did while losing weight was finding ways to make my favorite foods healthier. I swapped cream for skim milk, used plain Greek instead of sour cream, baked homemade tortilla and potato chips, turkey burger for regular, ground or sliced almonds instead of crushed chips or crackers, etc. I love homemade nachos with a serving of chips, chicken covered in BBQ or hot sauce, veggies, and 1 ounce shredded cheese. Yum!

Spending time looking for healthy recipes or changing your go-to favorites is a great distraction and coping technique as well! Do this instead of mindlessly eating when bored or stressed!

Check out these terrific swaps from SparkPeople.com!


Make eating enjoyable and don’t think you have to give up your favorites!

Remember to make swaps with your liquid calories too!


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