Practice Patience.

I see impatience all over the place. It leads to feelings and expression of anger, irritability, frustration, and other negative emotions. Worse, these reactions to impatience are observed by our young, enhancing impatience and frustration in children through the role modeling of us adults! I have not always been a patient person, but have worked hard to develop this over time. Copious amounts of doctor visits and procedures for my children certainly helped that along, but there was still a choice. I could have become more resentful, more impatient, more bitter, and angrier every time. I see this in the hospital and clinic all of the time – spend a few days at a large hospital system waiting for appointments and you will see the worst in people’s negativity. Same goes for traffic!

We still doctor often, and my children are old enough to complain, and it does suck to wait – this is valid! But, we use it as an opportunity to discuss the importance of patience, empathy, and seeing the situation from a broader perspective than our own. We relax, bring things for distraction, talk, plan, and just enjoy the wait – because getting mad truly does not change the waiting game! Appointments, long lines, traffic, restaurants, anytime you have to wait – use this as a time to practice relaxation and patience, shift your perspective, and accept the situation – getting angry changes nothing about the waiting, makes you feel worse, and is a bad example to those around you.

Read on for 7 Unconventional Ways to Develop Patience by Dave Ursillo…

Happy Monday! It’s the start of a long week, so start practicing patience now! Patience with yourself goes a long way toward staying on track with those weight management goals!

Enjoy more reading on developing self-awareness and not allowing other people (or situations!) to take power over you. Continued self-understanding will help increase your ability for patience!


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