Tricks for healthy eating…

VeryWell posted 5 Ways to Trick yourself into Losing Weight. These are a few great and simple tricks to keep you on track and keep the calories away!

Here are my comments on their 5 tips, and read their article at the link below!

  1. Keep healthy food visible. Take some extra time after your trip to the grocery store to chop your fruits and veggies so they are easy to grab, and keep them visible in the fridge or on the counter. When fruits and veggies are readily available you will be more likely to grab these versus something unhealthy to snack on!
  2. Don’t shop hungry! I know personally EVERYTHING bad for me looks great when I am shopping hungry! Even everything good for me looks too good, and I may buy more than what I can actually  eat in a week – wasting healthy foods too 😦 Eat a snack and have some water before you shop. You’ll be more likely to stick to your list, and less likely to reach for any store samples!
  3. Downsize your dinnerware. Seeing a full plate of food seems to make people feel more satisfied. I also like to be sure to get everything on my plate before I dig in, so I realize I have eaten a full meal – instead of munching as I go and forgetting what I just ate!
  4. Bag up half your meal at the beginning when eating out. It is also a great idea to share a meal with someone, or consider a small plate or appetizer option. Healthy sides are another great idea.
    • Remember each meal only has to tide you over for 2-3 hours until you get to the next, so don’t feel like you have to overindulge. Have the small side salad and have a healthy snack in a couple hours!
  5. Sit down to eat. Mindful eating really is more satisfying. I find this especially important when I want to indulge. Too often we shove down food faster than we can actually savor it, and then all of those calories really are wasted! Take some time to enjoy the meal or treat, pay attention to those tastes you love, and you will feel so much more satisfied (and less guilty when indulging)!

More great tips and information in the article by VeryWell…






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