Drink your way Slim!

The liquid we put into our bodies definitely has an impact on our overall wellness, and certainly on our weight loss goals. I see people often complaining about their weight, while they sit with a high calorie drink in hand! Those calories add up quicker than we realize. My estimations about my favorite “non-fat, no whip, dark chocolate mocha” have me thinking it’s somewhere between 300-500 calories! That’s 2+snacks for the day! Many drinks also contain sugar. These high calorie, high sugar drinks provide time limited comfort and then a crash and zap of your energy.

Even those no- to low- calorie drinks pose concern. I swore I would never give up diet soda, but after losing a significant amount of weight and hitting a plateau for a couple months I made the switch. I lost 10 pounds that month! What made me decide to do it was beginning to pay more attention to how I felt after my beloved afternoon soda, which was hungry! I realized it was just a trigger to want more food. I gave up my afternoon diet soda for an afternoon decaf coffee with skim milk, plus my daily sweet treat, and I ended up in love (and my waistline smaller)! I was mindful of my time to enjoy, looked forward to this afternoon delight, and it kept me feeling more positive about the whole process.

Try out lemon water (I enjoy a half lemon in a large glass for a real delicious treat!), coffee, unsweetened tea, low calorie sweetener (such as crystal light), crushed berries in your water, seltzer water if you enjoy the fizz, or half water/half juice. And don’t forget about plain old water!! Filling up on non-calorie liquids (such as water) helps keep you fuller longer, and hydration makes us feel – and look – better!

Here are some tips from Reader’s Digest to lower the calories in your favorite drinks…





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