Happiness is different for everyone. And we can be “happy” in our overall lives without always feeling “happy!” I woke up this morning not feeling the particular emotion of happiness, more tired and drug down… but despite this temporary moment of feeling lethargic, I know I am happy in my life 🙂

Happiness is a complicated feeling. We will all have days when we don’t feel incredibly happy, where life feels hard or we find ourselves feeling down or angry.To take a true look at how “happy” our lives are is to take a more vast view of what we have, what we are grateful for, and finding pleasure in the day-to-day.

I love the book by Gretchen Ruben “The Happiness Project.” Not terribly unhappy in her life, she decides to embark on a year of finding more happiness through monthly goals. She develops some “truths” for herself along the way, sort of the mantras she wants to live by. You can see some of those truths on this website…


Check out this website for great things to think on to increase your own level of happiness, and consider picking up the book. It’s an uplifting and motivating read…

Tip: When considering self-help reads (which I highly recommend), don’t just look to books specific to weight loss. Often, something motivating to your overall emotional and physical wellness will be even more helpful toward reaching your goals!

More great information on Gretchen Rubin’s website, and a link to her podcast!! …



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