Weekend Weight Gain…

Weekends are an easy time to back track on all that hard effort you have put in for the week. Mondays are filled with motivation, by midweek fatigue sets in, and by Friday you are ready to let loose or just relax! While indulgences here and there are appropriate, if you get off track every weekend (the whole weekend), you truly will negate your results. There is nothing more frustrating than waking up Monday morning and feeling you are completely starting over because you gave up all weekend! This leads to negative self-talk and feeling you cannot or will not achieve your goals, which creates a negative mindset and greater likelihood of giving up on your goals.

While this is disappointing, it is not the end of you reaching your goals. It takes patience, learning about yourself and what gets you off track, and considering an actual lifestyle change and breaking bad habits. Consider going out only one night per weekend, making healthier choices when you eat out, giving up alcohol or significantly cutting back, and/or making those weekend workouts a priority instead of thinking exercise is only for weekdays.

Pay attention to your actions, thoughts, and feelings. Consider keeping a journal for a visual reminder of your efforts and progress throughout the week (including situations, feelings, actions each day). Take the time to sit down and truly be honest with yourself. It takes time to develop self-awareness and understanding of what it really will take to change. Remind yourself why this goal is so important, and make those changes gradually. Weight loss in not automatic, takes patience and perseverance, and simply takes time – and effort!

Read these for reminders not to skip that weekend workout and how to make the weekends work for you with time for planning and preparation.

Here are 6 more ways to stop weekend weight gain by Shape magazine…


Happy Saturday!! Add in some healthy habits today, even if you plan to be off track part of the day!!



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