Do something nice for yourself…

The weight loss journey is hard. Even for those individuals who seem to have made it a habit and truly enjoy the process, this all takes hard work, dedication, and at times giving up things we’d rather be doing. And the actual reward, that smaller pants size!, takes time and patience.

Some people can’t grasp the idea of rewarding people for good/healthy behavior or hard work. I challenge that concept by saying we are all rewarded for hard work through pay in our jobs, good grades in school, positive praise from our parents growing up and friends and family now, etc. The biggest reward we can give ourselves along the way, through weight loss and with all hard work in life, is positive praise and allowing yourself to feel awesome about what you’re doing! This is probably the biggest motivator to stay on task, because it also changes the way you view yourself and it sets off a more positive mindset.

Consider writing down some goals, milestones (big and small), and rewards to give yourself a long the way. I love this list from because they are little to no cost and are realistic. There are also some bigger ideas on the list for when you make those big milestones! I personally rewarded myself with new songs, new workout clothes, time for relaxation, loads of positive praise, and new clothes as my sizes dropped from 24 to 4!  

Don’t for get to take a couple minutes every morning to praise yourself for all your hard work and start the day on a positive note with extra motivation!

More ideas from list of 50 non-food rewards here…

  1. Give yourself permission to take a nap.
  2. Visit the library or bookstore all by yourself.
  3. Have a guilt-free home spa afternoon.
  4. Sleep in!
  5. Take a selfie to celebrate your progress.
  6. Spend an hour away from your phone or computer.
  7. Eat lunch outside or at least away from your desk.
  8. Clean out your closet and donate all your too-big clothes to charity.
  9. Post your progress on social media (or SparkPeople) so your friends can celebrate with you.
  10. Take a bubble bath.
  11. Drive to a beautiful neighborhood or park to walk instead of taking your usual walking route.
  12. Use smiley face or star stickers to note milestones on a wall calendar hung in a prominent place.
  13. Make your own ribbon or trophy.
  14. Make or buy a refrigerator magnet with a motivational quote.
  15. Take a vacation day from work to do whatever you want!
  16. Unwind with a movie of your choice.
  17. Plan a night out with your friends.
  18. Buy a lottery ticket.
  19. Subscribe to a fitness or healthy cooking magazine.
  20. Get a new driver’s license photo. (Don’t lie about your weight.)
  21. Download a new fitness app for your phone.
  22. Buy a new workout song.
  23. Get yourself a bottle of fancy shower gel or lotion.
  24. Pick up a new plant for your garden.
  25. Invest in some moisture-wicking workout socks.
  26. Get fitted for a new sports bra.
  27. Try a new shade of nail polish.
  28. Get some new shades for outdoor exercise.
  29. Come home with a bouquet of flowers.
  30. Try a fresh hair color.
  31. Buy a small personal blender for smoothies and protein shakes.
  32. Order a pair of high-end wireless headphones.
  33. Invest in a fitness tracker to motivate you even more.
  34. Sign up for a charity walk or running event.
  35. Splurge on some nice yoga pants.
  36. Go for a mani/pedi.
  37. Treat yourself to a massage!
  38. Take a cooking class to up your game.
  39. Get a new hairstyle.
  40. Get fitted for workout shoes at a running store.
  41. Go for a flashy piercing or tattoo!
  42. Start a charm bracelet.
  43. Get your rings resized to fit your smaller fingers.
  44. Plan a weekend getaway with your significant other.
  45. Adopt a dog so you’ll always have a walking buddy.
  46. Hire someone to clean your house so you have more time to hit the gym.
  47. Try a fun exercise class like Zumba or pole fitness.
  48. Book a session with a personal trainer.
  49. Schedule a professional portrait shoot.
  50. Two words: Dream Vacation!

The entire article is a good read with more motivation! Check it out here…

I also track all of my food through SparkPeople and highly recommend it, or other calories trackers out there. I was also a part of their weight loss communities when I was losing all of my weight. This was very helpful motivation! Check them out!


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