Snooze your way to weight loss…

Sleep is crucial to healthy living, for weight loss as well as overall wellness. Lack of sleep leaves you irritable, cognitively and physically weak, and more likely to make poor choices.

A few tips to achieve sleep…

  1.  Keep your bedroom for sleep (and sex!) only. Ensure your mind and body pair the bedroom as a cue for sleep and relaxation.
  2. Limit electronics before bed. This includes television and looking at your phone. If you read on your device, dim the brightness, or consider investing in an electronic “reader” such as the Nook GlowLight or a Kindle Reader.
    • If you must listen to something, consider a podcast so you are listening versus viewing.
  3. Have a relaxing bedtime routine. Get ready for bed in quiet, or listen to soft music. Draw a warm bath. Have some hot tea (decaf) or lemon water.
    • Reading is a great idea before bed, but beware reading an enticing book. Consider a magazine so the stories are shorter and it’s easier to put down when it’s time for shuteye!
  4. Pets out of the bedroom. As much as we love those furry critters, they really can disrupt sleep much more then we realize. Doggy moving = you awake, even if for a few short moments… it’s disruptive.
  5. Stop looking at social media or working at least one-half hour before bed. Viewing social media or returning work email just before bed can leave our mind spinning with thinking about something we just read, or what we need to get done the next day. Take time to decompress and try to put such thoughts out of your mind prior to hitting the sack.
    • Keep a notepad and paper next to your bed, so if your mind starts running through your to-do list, go ahead and write it down so your mind will stop working to remember what you need to tomorrow (trying to remember something will most certainly keep you awake).
  6. If your mind won’t shut off, consider listening to a relaxing meditation exercise. These are found for free with a simple google search or through a variety of apps. This really does work!

And in case you need extra motivation to work on achieving a healthy amount of sleep, remember there are health effects (including weight gain!) to not sleeping enough. Read some more reasons by Women’s Health magazine here…

No more work for me tonight… time to start relaxing for bed! Sleep tight!!


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