Nutrition that Worked for Me…

When I discovered The Eat-Clean Diet it changed my life! Literally! I had tried diet plan after diet plan for years, with no success, yo-yo weight loss, and always gained back more than when I started.

The thing about The Eat-Clean Diet is it is not a diet. It is a clean eating lifestyle. Tosca Reno is one of my biggest motivators. I had her before and after pictures posted on my bathroom mirror throughout my journey… still have them!

I highly recommend reading her books, or at least The Eat-Clean Diet or The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged. Both filled with great information about learning to eat clean.

I must admit I don’t follow all of the things Tosca does, there are some things I just don’t have the time for, and I’m not one to use “odd” foods in my diet… only for sake of time shopping, prep time, and cost. My eat clean journey was also filled with finding ways to make it cheap!

Don’t be put off by the last paragraph, there ARE NOT a ton of odd or hard to find/prepare foods. This is just my reminder you don’t have to follow ANY plan to the letter. Make it work for you! That way you’ll stick with it! It doesn’t matter that I don’t follow it exact. I use it as a guide to the way I eat, come back to it to refresh, and it has absolutely changed my way of living – and eating!

Check out Tosca Reno’s website for endless inspiration and information…

Check out her books on…

Perfect reading for some Monday morning inspiration! There are also books specifically for men!!

From my kitchen… I actually have more in my office!




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