Make Sundays Count!

Sunday is a great day to re-center and plan for the week ahead. Whether you were on track all weekend, or found yourself over-indulging, Sunday is a great day to start anew! Take some time to relax, and create the positive mental space to be kind to yourself, and refresh your thought processes toward compassion and wellness.

I love to meal prep on Sundays. I typically have the whole day to find time with family, get in a workout, and plan for the week. Although I like to food prep, it can be time consuming, so I have worked hard to perfect simple, easy meals I can grab-and-go for the week. Meal choices combine servings of protein, carb, fat, and a vegetable.

For ease, I bake chicken from frozen (just put on a plan with some lemon juice, salt, and pepper and bake!), broccoli from frozen (drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper and bake… I like it to get a bit crispy in the process!), and make a large pot of rice. I use a variety of seasonings to put the dish together, put everything together in separate containers (serving of each item in one container), and every morning I grab and go! Just one of many meal ideas I go-to.

I buy most things frozen, keep bulk protein and veggies in my freezer, and that way I usually always have something to put together (and I waste less food than buying fresh!). I regularly change up my protein, carb, and veggies. I also prep snacks for the week, such as boiling a large pot of eggs, bagging dried fruit and nuts, bagging raw veggies, and cutting up fruit. I have no excuses to stay on track when I have prepped my foods. In case I don’t find the time, I keep no-prep options on hand at home and at work. I never want to be without something to eat every few hours, even if something small to get me to the next meal!

Part of my weight loss success was making recipes healthier, always searching for healthy, easy options, and keeping a binder of my favorite go-to recipes or meal ideas. Spend some time today putting together some meals for the week! Tupperware is worth the investment if you don’t have any! But, if you don’t and can’t get to the store today, make your food, cut it up, and portion it out daily until you can make the purchase. You absolutely can start today!

As I write this, my husband is making me a delicious omelet with veggies, herbs, and meats we have left in the fridge for the week! Omelets and frittatas, and any other egg dish, are perfect ways to use up leftovers… and it’s cheap (and great for any meal, not just breakfast)!

Today I’m chopping lettuce and veggies for salads, making lean taco meat, and will portion out salsa for taco salads for the week. For my lunch carb I’ll make baggies of multigrain crackers!

Find more ideas to make meal prep easier at the Daily Burn…

And for those of you who haven’t heard of it… Daily Burn is like Netflix for exercise… and I highly recommend it. At home, modifiable workouts. Check it out!




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