Infect Yourself and others with Positivity! :)

Negativity is draining, on the person with the negative attitude and the people around them. Negativity breeds negativity, and soon everyone within earshot is prey to this negative attitude and experiencing negative feelings. Being around a constant complainer and that someone who points out the negative in seemingly everything is exhausting! A negative attitude is a killer for weight loss success.

We have the ability to literally change our own lives, as well as the lives of those around us, by adopting a more positive attitude toward life. This is not to pretend bad things don’t happen, or to be “fake” in some excessive presentation of positivity. It means trying to look at things in a positive light, providing people with a more positive perspective, and being a positive presence.

Read the article “Broadcasting Positivity” written by Elizabeth Millard for Experience L!fe magazine to learn about her experience with learning the importance of positivity, how positivity improves our lives, and think of ways to take these great tips into your own life!

One of my favorites is her idea of sending 21 positive messages for 21 days. It is a great idea to reach out to others in a positive way whenever you are having a bad day, because positivity breeds positivity!

Check out the article here…




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