Sugar, Sugar, Sugar!!!!

One of the hardest battles for me with beginning a true lifestyle change toward weight loss and healthy living was SUGAR! I was a known binger, making fresh batches of cookie dough on a regular basis, simply to eat that stuff raw! During my pregnancies that craving intensified, and I was on the search to find cookie dough made without raw eggs… a bad thing when I found the place (great for their business though!) Also during pregnancy, I used to drive an entire hour for THE BEST! strawberry rhubarb pie (on an all too regular basis). I am embarrassed to even admit this… and I’ll admit it wasn’t just cookie dough and pie!! And it didn’t end there, this all just intensified my cravings so after those babies came out I was still craving sugar as intensely as a pregnant craving. I was unhealthy and miserable, but I could not give up that sugar fix!

I turned to my knowledge of psychology and the research, and decided this time I was going to make slow changes, develop better self-control, slowly curb my cravings, and all the while not deprive myself completely of my beloved sugar. I started buying bulk size Dark Chocolate Hershey bars, the typical size with 220 calories a piece, and kept them in my garage freezer. I allowed myself 1 every day. Now, let’s be honest, some days I had 3, or even 5!

BUT, knowing I could have a chocolate bar every single day allowed me satisfaction with just having one. I did not feel deprived, because I knew could have this treat every day. I also knew having 3 or 4 or 5 was not actually satisfying me more than having 1 bar. When I was eating more than one chocolate bar, it was mindless and when I was done I hardly remembered I ate it… outside of the terrible feeling it gave me. Looking forward to my one chocolate bar every day helped me make it more of an experience, something to look forward to, a treat in my day to take the time to enjoy. I made an afternoon cup of decaf coffee, sat down, and slowly ate and savored my chocolate. It was delicious! I attribute much of my weight loss to those chocolate bars, funny enough!

Going to one chocolate bar each day, or one sweet treat a day (whatever your sweet tooth requests), is still not easy and takes self-control. It takes time, patience, and actually reducing the sugar in your system to let some of those cravings go. When you begin to cut from the typical level of sugar you eat, your body can experience some uncomfortable withdrawal. Dr. Oz with “The Good Life” shared a recent article titled How to Leave Sugar Behind. Here, read great tips on beginning to cut sugar from your diet, reducing the intensity of some of those cravings, and maybe opt for one treat a day!

Find the article here…


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