Soothe Your Anxious Mind

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their lives. Worrying about that presentation at work, worrying about a family member, uncertainty about the future, prepping for a test or challenge… the list goes on. Anxiety can get in the way of weight loss because when we have too much of it we begin to feel overwhelmed, daily tasks seem too much, and we have a tendency to shut down or make poor coping choices. Exercise is a great anxiety reliever! But, we cannot exercise at all times throughout the day. Here is a favorite article of mine from Mindful magazine with great tips for relieving anxiety, things to be done throughout your day and in a variety of situations. Practice these when you’re not feeling anxious so they translate more easily into use during stressful situations! And reducing your anxiety with these tips will help you center your thinking, slow down, become more self-aware, and have patience during this difficult process!

View the article “Remedies for Your Anxious Mind” from Mindful magazine at the link below. And if you like reading magazines (another great coping mechanism) I certainly recommend this one…

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