Psychology and Wellness

The weight loss journey is difficult. Once weight loss is achieved, maintaining the loss continues to rely on self-discipline and healthy behaviors. Even maintaining a healthy weight, especially as we age and life’s challenges are more and the responsibilities of adulthood grow, we must be consistently mindful of our stress, stress reactions, bad habits, and negative coping strategies. There is a significant amount of psychology related to weight loss and healthy lifestyle.

My hope for you is to begin to see that weight loss can be accomplished with enjoyment in the midst. When we change our habits, and pay positive attention to the process, we feel so much better on a daily basis, regardless of the number on the scaleWeight loss will be the most successful when you take your time, gain self-understanding, find the middle ground, allow leniency with your plan, and make true and consistent changes within yourself and in your daily life. Such changes simplify the process, allow for focus on other important elements of life, reduce the obsession with weight, and lead to lasting change over time naturally. I personally believe, until we change our psychology around weight loss, and our lifestyles in general, we will struggle to lose the weight – or struggle to keep it off long term.*

Please come back frequently for a variety of information, tips, inspiration, and motivation related to the psychology behind healthy living. I will also provide a glimpse into my life and how I stay successful. I hope my knowledge and experience can help you find a strategy that works! Follow FitPsychology to get regular blog updates straight to your inbox.

*Weight loss results are not guaranteed for everyone and will vary based on a variety of factors. See more detailed disclaimer here.

Reading Recommendations

Reading is a healthy coping tool and a positive distraction when tempted to engage in something negative or not in line with your goals. Healthy reads can provide inspiration, motivation, enhance positivity, and keep you on track! I recommend reading a wide variety of material, not just focused on exercise and healthy eating. Here are some of my favorites…

EXERCISE                                                                        WELLNESS

Oxygen magazine                                                          Health magazine

Fitness magazine                                                           Prevention magazine

Muscle and Fitness magazine                                    Experience Life magazine

Men’s Fitness magazine                                              Women’s Health magazine

Runner’s World magazine                                          Men’s Health magazine





Although I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and am practicing full-time, I am not providing psychological services on this site. Here, I will provide you with information, including my personal and clinical opinion on matters related to psychology and weight loss. Understand that this is not the only opinion, nor am I the sole expert on psychology and weight loss. I cannot guarantee your weight loss success, but I truly hope to help you along the way! If you are experiencing significant emotional distress, or if the things learned on this site make you think you need further help on your journey, please consult with a therapist, counselor, psychologist, or physician to help you. Many people need more help than what can be provided with self-help type material, and that’s okay!

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